We live in a day and time when our hope seems to fade more and more. As we reflect on the news, day to day life, and stories from our friends, there seems to be a congenial rhythm. It is this rhythm of hopelessness that continues to spread like a wildfire. The power to believe in something is hindered by people, problems, and proofs meaning the realities of possibilities fade over time, testing, and truths.
This quandary creates a consciousness of disconnect to the world, and possibly in the Christian world the word. Therefore, in the text of Lamentations chapter three and verses seventeen, and eighteen we see the bereaved commentary of the writer when he says “ my soul is bereft of peace; I have forgotten what happiness is; so I say my endurance has perished, so has my hope from the Lord”.
The writer says that my soul is bereft of peace. The word bereft in the Hebrew is translated stinking or foul smelling. This is what happens when we leave dirty dishes in the sink for a couple of days with food that continues to sit in the water. The result ends up as an emitting stench due to stagnation of the water. The aftermath of the soul being in lack causes the writer to have forgotten what happiness feels like. If man forgets what it feels like to be happy, then this can lead to having no patience, and feeling so overwhelmed, that seemingly their creator has lost hope for them.
These dynamics have the possibilities to cause catastrophes in relationships, religion, and day to day realities. Maybe this is why during the times of thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day, bad things seem to go up. People may feel like there is nothing to feel thankful for, and there are no gifts to receive, and there is not anyone to love, or receiving love back.
In order to change these things, we must have a sensitive scope to identify places of help where we can influence, inspire, and implement a revolution.