After making a pastoral visit with one of our members at CHC, I was replaying a response over and over in my head and found a spiritual nugget that can encourage us in our walk with the Lord. When I asked how they were doing after the surgery, their response was ” if I can just get rid of this pain”. I was thinking on my ride home that in their case there are two types of pain. There is the pain before the surgery and the pain after the surgery,however they have two different meanings.The pain we feel before the surgery is because of a problem that exists, and the pain after the surgery is a part of our healing process.  All pain is not bad, and pain has a purpose. Pain makes us aware that something is wrong, and continues to agitate us until we do something about it. When we hurt after our surgeries, it is because of the healing process. Yes, it hurts to heal, ( now that will preach) but we can heal. In order to heal properly, we must follow instructions given, so the pain will go away.

Believe it or not, pain can have its rewards. Just ask that mom who made the choice to have a natural child birth, and when all the pain is over, there is a beautiful boy or girl that awaits. No doubt the mom will say that she would do it all over again.

Does your pain occur because of a result of what has happened, or is there a reward waiting at the end?

Some pain has its benefits.