This past week was challenging because of the measurable snowfall that I experienced over the weekend. The snow caused cancellations of schools, and even church on Sunday. After the snow had fallen, the next morning my street was filled with snow and ice. I looked outside of my window and the street was covered, however I wanted to go to the grocery store to purchase a few items.  The challenge was to slip and slide to the store  without having an accident, and I was up for the experience.  When I overcame my fear of what could happen, I decided to drive to the store. Honestly, when I started driving the street was covered and my speed was at a snails pace, but the closer I got to the main road, the better the streets were looking. Surprisingly speaking, the roads were clear on the main thoroughfare, but the challenge was driving from my street. This message was clear to me,  because I pressed my way, my fears didn’t keep me from obtaining my goal. This is true in our spiritual walk with God, our starts can be challenging, but if we keep pressing our way, the road will become easier as we travel along. Keep pressing your way, overcome your fears, and don’t allow Satan to keep you from reaching your destination.