Our History 

Connection Hill Primitive Baptist Church has a rich history that dates back over 149 years.  The church has been at its current site since 1878. During the church’s history, there have been only eight pastors and two interim Pastors. 

Connection Hill is believed to be one of the original churches when Lynn Creek Association of the Regular Primitive Baptist was organized in 1871 in Waco, Tennessee beside a stream called Lynn Creek between Columbia and Pulaski on Highway 31 W.  Elder Peter Starnes was the first Moderator and is believed to have pastored Connection Hill, known at that time as “The Colored Primitive Baptist Church”.  While the date of Elder Starnes pastorate is not known, court records from 1922 listed him as deceased.

In 1902, Elder William Moore, a slave purchased as a child by the Moore family of Williamson County, was elected as Moderator of Lynn Creek Association and is listed as Pastor of Connection Hill in 1903.

The third known pastor was Elder Z. H. Bostic he is listed in the 1929 Lynn Creek minutes as clerk of the Association and Pastor of Connection Hill.  According to Lynn Creek minutes, Elder Bostic is listed as Pastor of Connection Hill through 1937.  In 1940, Elder Bostic took Connection Hill and the other three churches (Little Harpeth, West Harpeth and White’s Chapel) he pastored and joined Cumberland Association. Elder Bostic passed on April 26, 1942.  His funeral was held at the Ryman Auditorium.  Elder Bostic was a well-known, well-educated man.  He was listed in the original Black Yellow Pages of 1925.  He attended Fisk University and was a teacher as well as a Pastor.  He was known also for organizing and pastoring Mt. Sinai P.B. Church in 1936.

Our fourth pastor was Elder Washington Green who was called to pastor from 1943 – 1986.  Under Elder Green’s leadership, a new church building was erected in 1956, the sanctuary was enlarged in 1969 to include the baptismal pool and the kitchen and fellowship hall were added. The choir was established in 1959, weekly service was instituted, Sunday School was established in 1964, the food committee was established in 1974, the Women’s auxiliary was started, and the Ushers Annual Installation was held. The membership grew from 8 in 1943 to over 200 members in 1980. 

Our fifth pastor was Elder Robert Howse who was called to pastor from 1987 – 1995. Under Elder Howse’s leadership, the church was remodeled. In 1987 the church started holding early morning services two Sunday’s per month.  The church began to have annual picnics and overnight lock-in for the youth.  The first church van was purchased in 1989, the scholarship committee was formed and in 1992, the church voted to begin taping Sunday Services and the media ministry was formed. The church formed and strengthened fellowships with national, state, tri-state, and local conventions. Vacation Bible School was instituted during this time.

The sixth pastor was Elder Jerome Tucker who was called to pastor from 1998 – 2001. Under Elder Tucker, the church continued to grow; many members joined and were baptized during this season.  A second van was purchased in 2000, and the piano was replaced in 2001.  Following Elder Tucker, the church decided to call one of its own.

The seventh pastor, Elder Maurice Johnson was called to pastor from 2002 until 2006.  Elder Johnson instituted New Members Orientation and developed many outreach programs and ministries.  The Association and other churches began to hold Balls and other social activities for its members.

Our eighth and current Pastor, Elder Corey S. Howse, was called to pastor in 2008 and has labored here with this flock untiringly since then.  Elder Howse has revitalized the New Members Orientation, the Tutorial Program for the Youth, has instituted a Back to School Bash, and outreach ministry with Willow Spring Assisted Living Center and Friday Night Fellowship.  Elder Howse has been given the vision to enlarge the church with the first steps being the purchase of 10 acres of land on Bucker Road in Spring Hill, TN. The church has continued to grow and ministries are serving the community, as well as, the church family.  During Elder Howse’s tenure, the media team was revitalized and services are currently being broadcast live on our Facebook page. 

The church has vibrant 8:30am service and 11am worship services weekly, as well as Sunday Church School at 9:45 am and Wednesday Bible Study at 6:45pm.  The ministerial staff has expanded and includes female Evangelists serving under Elder Howse’s tutelage. 

We are eagerly looking toward the future and are excited about what the Lord has spoken regarding Connection Hill. We are a church that is connected to Christ and the Community.  We are moving ahead with God leading every step along the way!

Connection Hill Primitive Baptist Church - The Church Connected to Christ and the Community!