2020 has been an unusual, unpredictable year, forcing many to forego participation in events and activities that have been so much a part of our daily lives.  Be encouraged, in spite of how things may look now, it is possible to swim again.

II Kings 6:1-7 reminds us (1) even with the best plans things may not work out as we planned them, and (2) even when situations seem hopeless there is hope.

In this passage students of the prophet Elisha saw the need for a larger training facility and set out to meet that need. In the process of cutting trees for building one of the men lost his cutting edge when the head of his axe fell into the water.

Although it may seem to us that during these times of uncertainty nothing is going according to plan, and things are going from bad to worse, there is hope.  Be encouraged, our time to swim is coming.

The prerequisites for being in the position to swim are

  • To Know the Master
  • To Know the Place
  • To Know When to Move

Know the Master – The students of the prophet Elisha referred to him as their master. They invited him to travel with them and trusted him in their times of difficulty. Our master is Jesus. We must invite Him in and trust that He will be with us in the midst of all life’s situations.

Know the Place – Although the axe head was in deep water, the man knew the place where it fell in and was able to communicate that to Elisha. We need to know exactly where we were when life took a detour and what we were doing when we lost our cutting edge.

Know When to Move – The man waited for Elisha’s quick action and instructions before reaching in to retrieve the floating axe head.  We must be content sitting on the sideline until the master gives the signal that all is clear, the restrictions have been lifted. When we receive the all clear message, that’s the time to move, to go ahead and swim. Don’t jump in prematurely.

If an iron axe head that hit rock bottom did swim, so can we.   

Be Ready!!

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